Diabetes Profiler

  • Use this interactive reporting to compare diabetics to a closely matched sample of non-diabetics.
  • Be sure to play around with the drop-downs, especially when the Attribute drop-down is available.  It will reveal a variety of topics available in each chart.
  • The non-diabetic group was matched to the diabetic group based on age, sex, race, census region, and urban status. 
  • All data are for adults aged 18 years and older in 2008. 
  • The data are for 2008 and are derived from the Panel 12 Longitudinal Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), an annual nationally representative healthcare survey conducted by the US Government. 
  • Just over 18 million adults in the US had been diagnosed with diabetes by 2008 according to this data. 
  • I'm using Zoho reports to render the data interactively on my blog, which is a great free (or very inexpensive depending on how you use it) cloud-based web reporting toolset.
  • Visit the CDC's website for more information on the subject.